PRE Housing Park

Innovative Housing Concepts with a Park Character

Right in the heart of Kaiserslautern, in an attractive south-facing location and about an 8-minute walk from the pedestrian zone, the PRE Projects GmbH has purchased an area of 50,000 square meters from the Institute for Federal Real Estate! The area is a former housing area for military personnel built in the 1950s.

Completely new plans were drafted for this model example of inner-city housing conversion, and it will now be realized with an innovative concept of modern living for people from various age groups and social strata. Future-oriented projects such as “Assisted Living“, “Smart Grid & Metering“, “Fiber to the House“, and many others are currently being investigated in collaboration with institutes and institutions. A new section of the modern Kaiserslautern will be built here.

You can get further information about property lots for single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses, and multi-family houses from our sales partner Wenk Immobilien.

Current offers at PRE Wohnpark.


Contact persons

Stefanie Grimm-Blauth

E-mail: grimm-blauth[at]

Phone: 0631 303-1117


Hans Höhn

E-mail: hoehn[at]

Phone: 0631 303-1100


Michael Wenk

E-mail: wenk[at]

Phone: 0631 303-1100